Former Child Star Orlando Brown Turns His Attention To Diddy and Jay-Z In His Latest Interview

Former Child Star Orlando Brown Turns His Attention To Diddy and Jay-Z In His Latest Interview

At this point, Orlando Brown has a story about everybody. The troubled actor has come forward with more claims that he’s tied to other celebrities. This time, he’s brought Diddy and Jay-Z into the mix. The Family Matters star took to social media with a video and alleged that Sean “Diddy” Combs is really a woman. But not only is he claiming that the Bad Boy CEO is a female, but Orlando Brown insists that’s a woman named “Yolanda Anderson,” who is also his aunt.

Orlando Brown appears highly erratic in the video with an unkempt, rugged appearance. However, he continues by declaring that his life was being threatened by the “I’ll Be Missing You” rapper. Jay-Z is then brought into his rant, referring to the Brooklyn rapper as “Auntie Sean.” In addition, he cites that both of the billionaire businessmen are a part of the trans community and that it’s “getting out of hand.”

Brown admonished them to “stop playing with him” as he continued to unleash his various erroneous statements. “No matter how many contracts you try to take out on my life, no matter how many times you try to threaten my family or threaten people to stay away from me […] It’s not working, Auntie Sean and Auntie Yolanda,” Orlando Brown angrily exclaimed.

The actor then threatened to include controversial Youtuber, Charleston White in his beef with the rappers. In addition, he insisted that Jay-Z and Sean Combs were “playing with the wrong one.” Orlando Brown switched into a different accent as he continued to taunt Jay-Z and Diddy and rant about “control.” Additionally, he revealed he has control only given to him by God. “I’ve been knowing these people since a baby,” the actor expressed. He claims to have been raised by the “auntie versions” of Jay-Z and Diddy while sharing his willingness to die for “telling this truth.”

Orlando Brown stated his belief that he was sent by God with a purpose to “ruin” Jay-Z and Diddy. “I will off you in the name of God,” he seemed to promise as a threat to the rappers as he claimed to know where they live. Orlando Brown went on to allege that Jay-Z and Diddy had Charleston White placed into a mental institution. “They tried to lock him up [and] throw away the key,” the troubled actor said. But, according to him, the reason was that he was also “telling the truth.”

Then, Brown alleged that the rappers are on an adult site, which he claims is how “Diddy got Revolt back.” In addition, the former child star said he would “screenshot every adult star and piece it together with [their] faces.”Orlando Brown continued to address his “aunties” and detailed that he is their “worst nightmare.” He continued threatening to release other tidbits of alleged private information about them. But he later expressed that other veteran rappers in the industry have inappropriately taken advantage of him. Orlando Brown made another recent appearance on the Cam Capone News Youtube show where he labeled Diddy as his “baby mama.” Brown claimed that Combs is the mother of his daughter, and he’s been kept away from her. “I would like to see her,” the actor said, stating that he would not speak ill of Diddy.

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