Leave Me Alone: Chris Rock respond To Will’s Apology

Leave Me Alone: Chris Rock respond To Will’s Apology

As we all know will Smith is an fabulous American actor he gave us numerous fantastic movies and entertained us. He started his career as an rapper with turntabler DJ jazzy Jeff and a Beatboxer ready Rock. C.

He was famous as a brilliant student Philadelphia’s Overbrook High School. He planned to to not to go college then he can give more focus to his music career. He become a fabulous singer and he also recipient in Grammy Award at the age of just 25 years.

Will Smith tried his luck in movies his first movie was, “Six Degree of Separation.” That day and now he never turn back to his music career now he’s just lost doing and making career in movie industry. He did numerous films like, independence day.

I robot, im legend, the pursuit of happiness, Ali, king Richard, and after these blocbuster he won bunch of award like Grammy Award, British academy film Award , best screen Award, and a Golden Globe Award. He did a lot of movies and make his fans made over his acting.

Fans waited for his movies and loved his acting skills. His bunch of power performance make him a star of hollywood. Along these fantastic movies his movie named, Men in Black, a scientific comedy, was one of the blockbuster films and his performance was super duper hit fans loved this movies. After these two superhits he become an lion of the Hollywood every producers and directors requesting him to work with them.

Will Smith apologize to Chris Rock on his YouTube channel also to his and his family and friends on the Oscars incident, in which we saw him slapping to Rock, but Chris Rock didn’t replied not even make any confession or discussion over it. What’s your opinion on this will he gonna forgive him or not?

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