So Sad..Actress Maia Campbell Resurfaces & Her Appearance Has Many Terrified For Her

So Sad..Actress Maia Campbell Resurfaces & Her Appearance Has Many Terrified For Her

ILOSM fam,’ it’s always sad to see an entertainer fall from the heights of a promising career, to the pits of hell, right before our eyes. Unfortunately, that’s the case for former In the House actress, Maia Campbell.

For the past few years, millions of fans have had to sit idly by and witness the downfall Ms. Campbell’s life and career have taken. She’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (according to her family and loved ones) and she’s also been reported as a dr*ug addict.

Then things seemed to be looking up for her in 2016, when she reportedly entered a drug rehab and had been sober for two years, as she admitted on Iyanla Vanzant’s show, Fix My Life. The situation took a major turn for the worse when video of Maia surfaced of her apparently extremely high as all get out, on the streets of somewhere USA. After that video surfaced, Maia was picked up by law enforcement and was involuntarily admitted into an institution for a few days. Upon being released her former co-star, L.L. Cool J., publicly offered her help and she publicly denied it.

New Sighting Of Maia Campbell

Months then went by without any public sightings of Maia, until now. She’s recently resurfaced, looking very disheveled and completely out of control of her life. Fly Height Entertainment spotted her on the street, wearing a short tight dress, with her hair all over her head a defiant disposition. It was clear to see that she Ms. Campbell did not want to be filmed, just like the few times she’s been spotted in the same predicament in recent years. Check out the video clip below.

We’re not sure what is going on with Ms. Maia Campbell- whether her current condition is a result of not taking her bipolar medication, or the result of drug addiction. But whatever it is, it’s clear to see that she needs SEVERE help and we sincerely hope she gets it once and for all.

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