Daphne Maxwell Reid Refuse To Speak On Will Smith Oscar Incident: ‘I Have No Comment, That’s Family Business’

Daphne Maxwell Reid Refuse To Speak On Will Smith Oscar Incident: ‘I Have No Comment, That’s Family Business’

Daphne Maxwell Reid is an American actress best known for her stint on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Reid had the difficult task of taking over the role of Aunt Vivian Banks after Janet Hubert parted from the series in its 3rd season. She graced our television sets for seasons 4-6 of the series before the show ended. In a recent interview, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alumni was asked her opinion on the infamous Oscar incident involving Chris Rock and Will Smith, but she declined to respond.

Daphne Maxwell Reid is a bit of a television royal, as she’s had roles on other iconic series such as The Cosby Show, The A-Team, Murder She Wrote, In The House, Eve, and Sister, Sister. Daphne is also married to actor Tim Ried, who starred in Sister, Sister opposite Tia, Tamera, and Jackee Harry. Unlike Will Smith and Janet Hubert, who had a terrible falling out followed by years of not speaking, Daphne and Will have always stayed on good terms.

She appeared alongside the rest of the family for the Fresh Prince reunion and even scored a small role in the new Bel-Air series, which re-imagines the characters from the original in a grittier Euphoria-style take. Speaking on her inclusion in the new show, Reid said, “It’s a totally different project, I play a totally different character, and I just had a ball working with this great young talent.”

Daphne also had great things to say about the latest actress stepping into the Aunt Viv role, christened Aunt Viv 3.0 by fans. “Each person has brought their own sensibilities and personal essence to the character,” Reid explained. “[Cassandra Freeman] is bringing a combination of both of us, but it’s her characterization of Aunt Vivian, and I honor her characterization as anybody honors mine or Janet’s.”

While she is not shy to speak on the character that made her a household name or the show that defined her career, Daphne is making sure to keep her opinion on Will Smith and his Oscar slap to herself. While discussing the Fresh Prince’s legacy on Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef, she made it clear she does not want to be included in the discussion. “I think that is family business, and I have no comment. My opinion doesn’t matter. Not on that subject.”

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