Sweetie Pies Former Chef Calls out Ms. Robbie, Says She’s Is In Denial: “She Knows Her Son Did It”

Sweetie Pies Former Chef Calls out Ms. Robbie, Says She’s Is In Denial: “She Knows Her Son Did It”

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s has been off the air for a few years now due to controversy in connection to its cast. The Robbie Montgomery lead series was a bubbly family reality series about the former Ikette and the business she built for herself and her tribe in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Unfortunately, greed overtook her son, and the way their family story has unfolded feels more like a soap opera than reality television. Tim Norman is Robbie Montgomery’s eldest son. Tim is accused of orchestrating the passing of his nephew Andre Montgomery Jr. in the hopes of cashing in on an insurance policy on Andre that he had taken out weeks before his passing. He hired a former dealer and dancer to carry out the hit for him.

One of Robbie Montgomery’s former chefs, Chef John from West Memphis, AR, recently opened up about his time working with the family and the things he witnessed internally. He spoke with the Eat With Phylly Phyl Talk Show and divulged just how in denial Mother Robbie is about everything that has transpired. Chef John says that Robbie did not talk much about Andre’s father Andre Sr. and seemed very traumatized by his passing. She was, however, super close to Andre Jr. and wanted to badly to give him a good life in his fathers absence. Chef John says they had an incredible relationship. Robbie loved Andre and tried to give him the world. However, John says she focused too much on money and did not really give him the kind of help that could have turned his life around for the better.

Robbie could not control her son Tim, and he was slowly burning bridges with friends, family and staff during the time in business. According to the host and chef John, Tim was stealing money from the businesses his mother owned and was conspiring against his family for years. In addition to the insurance policy he took out on his nephew, he also reportedly took one out on his mother. Chef John said that Tim had his own restaurant to run but that he could not manage it. They discussed how Tim was actually in a great spot and how the restaurant would have had him set for life, but he got too greedy. “The only thing Tim had to do was run that one restaurant and live good the rest of his life instead of trying to open all these restaurants. Tim would have been set.”

Chef John says Ms. Robbie knows that Tim is the one responsible and is in denial. He thinks she needs to come to terms with what happened and feels like she has been covering up for Tim for a long time. Chef John recalls a story when Tim attacked a male waiter at one of their locations. Ms. Robbie paid the man to not press charges on her son. “She paid him!” he says. They described Tim as a bully and a user who took advantage of his mother and his staff for his own selfish gain. “His thing is, he thinks he smarter than you. If you going the way he wants, then you’re good with him. Ms. Robbie couldn’t stop him from treating other folks bad the way he was doing. She is sticking by her son. That’s what she did all her life. It’s like she ain’t got no choice now. She’s going to stick by her child till the end. Ms. Robbie already knows what’s going to happen. This man’s about to do life and some change.”

While Ms. Robbie did pay off the worker in the incident mentioned by Chef John, she was not successful in stopping another person Tim assaulted from going to the police. In 2018, he put his hands on a chef over a pay dispute that resulted in him being locked away. News outlets reported, “Tim Norman (real name James Tim Norman) was booked into Harris County Jail on August 23. He was released the same day after posting $500 bail. His arraignment is scheduled for August 30.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Chef John opened up a bit about Ms. Robbie and some of her business practices. According to him, she was not very kind to staff either and used to charge them full price for meals eaten at the restaurant during their lunch breaks. “Ms. Robbie just trying to run a slave camp,” he recalls. Tim is currently in behind bars awaiting his sentencing, while Ms. Robbie has largely remained silent since the passing of Andre Jr. Hear the full interview below.


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