After Funeral, Husband Of Cosby’s Daughter Painfully Details Good News She Got Just Before Death

After Funeral, Husband Of Cosby’s Daughter Painfully Details Good News She Got Just Before Death

When news first surfaced that Bill Cosby’s 44 year old daughter had died on Friday, February 23rd, millions expressed their were online. Ensa died at General Hospital in Massachusetts and the news seemed to have come out of nowhere, causing many fans to search for answers about Ensa’s passing.

Although Cosby and his wife, Camille, didn’t speak out about their daughter’s untimely death, they did release a statement through their publicist a few days ago, to confirm the cause of Ensa’s death and thank everyone for their condolences:

‘The Cosby Family thanks many people for their prayers for their beloved and beautiful Ensa, who recently died from renal disease.’

Now, news has just surfaced that Ensa Cosby’s funeral was held on Wednesday, February 28th, in a small, brief ceremony at the Cosby family home in Massachusetts. It was then that the husband of Ensa, Martin McLean (55), finally spoke out and revealed unknown details about the days leading up to her passing.


Husband’s Surprising, Yet Painful Reveal

The Cosby family have always been a very close knit, private family. So much so, that most people either didn’t know, or had forgotten that Cosby and Camille had four daughters and one deceased son. They maintained that same level of privacy at Ensa’s funeral, with none of them being seen entering, nor exiting the Cosby family home following the services, except Ensa’s husband, Martin.

As Martin McLean was leaving the service of his beloved wife, he stopped for a brief moment to speak to DailyMail reporters, who were outside of the home. That’s when he revealed that although Ensa was battling kidney disease, her death was very sudden and shocking for the family. The reason, according to Martin, is because in the days prior to her passing, Ensa received some extremely good news that the whole family had been waiting- they’d finally found a new kidney for her and she was about to receive the transplant. Unfortunately, although Ensa was in decent health days prior, her health unexpectedly deteriorated on Friday. See details below:

Via DM- A kidney match had been identified for Bill Cosby’s daughter and a transplant would have taken place within weeks, her grieving husband has revealed exclusively to But Ensa Cosby McLean suddenly took a turn for the worse and died on Friday…before the transplant surgery could occur, businessman Martin McLean said.”She had been battling kidney issues for the past couple of years, she had been on dialysis and she was very brave.” McLean said as he paused to speak to while leaving Wednesday’s brief funeral. […] McLean remembered his wife as ‘the warmest, sweetest person that you could ever want to meet.’

Husband Asks This Of Fans

Ensa’s husband then asked one request of the public, for those who wish to help:

He asked well-wishers to send donations to the Boston hospital to help battle renal disease, in his wife’s name. “That would be terrific,” he said before taking off in his black Chevy Suburban.

Details Of Ensa’s Funeral/Burial At Cosby Home

Though little is known about Ensa’s funeral, given that only close family- including the Cosbys’ 3 remaining children, Erika, 52, Erinn, 51, and Evin, 41- were allowed to attend, there are some details- both pai’nful and in some ways, beautiful- that we can reveal.

Prior to the funeral service, Smith-Kelleher funeral home drove the hearse that was carrying Ensa, into the side gate entrance of the 20-acre Shelburne Falls, MA home at 1.30 pm.. It was driven directly to the bur;ial site that workers had already sealed off with tarps, to prevent paparazzi and fans from snapping pics, understandably so.

Not only was Ensa’s funeral held at the Cosby mansion, located in the secluded Shelburne Fa’lls neighborhood, but so was her bur’ial. Although that may seem rather odd for many, to bury their child behind their home, but for the Cosby family it is a very sentimental and beautiful bur’ial ritual. Bill and Camille first welcomed that ritual for the 1997 burial of their then 27 year old son, Ennis Cosby, who was senselessly sh’ot and ki’lled during a presumed botched rob’bery.

Following the small outdoor service, which lasted just 30 minutes, Ensa was bur’ied right next to her brother, on the grounds of the family home, in a spacious section of their land, called “Ennis Garden.” For the Cosbys, they wouldn’t have it any other way, other than to keep their daughter and their son together. It’s also been reported that Bill Cosby has been known to oftentimes sit outside, next to Ennis’ grave and have lengthy conversations with him for hours. Now, sadly he will be talking to both his son and his daughter- his fifth and fourth born children, respectively.

‘Ennis Garden’ is strategically hidden from roadside view, behind a large barn on the family’s property. So the Cosby family has the freedom to visit their dec’eased family members in peace at any time.

What The World Didn’t Know About Cosby’s Daughter, Ensa

Ensa, like her siblings, was a private person, who chose to live a ‘normal’ life away from the spotlight, so there is much about her that the world doesn’t know. Here are a few facts:

1. According to her husband, Martin McLean, “She loved nature, she loved feeding the animals around here, there is great nature around here. She was an artist. She was also a chef.”

2. Ensa and Martin were married for four years. Here they are on their wedding day…

4. Ensa Cosby had one daughter from a previous relationship. She and husband, Martin, had no kids together, but they raised Ensa’s daughter as a couple.

5. Sadly, Ensa husband and Mr. and Mrs. Cosby have something in common- they both have sons who were murdered. MailOnline revealed that Martin’s son was brutally murdered in 2015. His friend actually stabbed him to death approximately 70 times.

Ensa & Her Sisters Stood Up For Their Dad

Although Ensa may have preferred staying away from the spotlight, when it came to defending her father against the countless sexual assault allegations that have surfaced, she did just that. As we previously reported, in May 2017, Ensa boldly stood up for her pops, by reaching out to Charlamagne the God of ‘The Breakfast Club’ radio show with this statement:

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