Snoop Dogg Watches Old Tupac Foo’tage During Interview And Turns Emotional

Snoop Dogg Watches Old Tupac Foo’tage During Interview And Turns Emotional

Snoop Dogg has always been one to speak his mind, and during a recent interview, he reflected on his fa’llen friend Tupac when presented with some of the West Coast rap’per’s pro’lific thoughts about race relations in America.

Sitting down with Ari Melber of MSNBC’s The Beat, Tha Dogg’father was shown via tablet sent’iments from Pac, including one where he says pr’ior to his d’eath, “We was asking with the Panthers; we was asking with the Civil Rights Move’ment. We was asking. Now those people that were asking, they’re all d’ead or in ja’il, so what do you think we’re going to do? Ask?”

“F**k no.” Snoop replies in a contin’uation of Tupac’s thoughts, “Now you get it. Even watching that, my spirit is bubb’ling right now. Like I feel like f****n’ somebody up from just hea’ring that just because I know it puts me in that era, that zone when our voice didn’t matter back then. Things we were speaking to as far as corr’uption and vio’lence and all that, they were taking it and reve’rsing it back on us as if, ‘No, you gotta pro’blem. You’re vio’lent.’”

The Long Beach rapper adds that it’s the United States that has a history of vio’lence against African Americans – not the other way around.

“No. America’s vio’lent. We was peaceful,” he told Melber. “The Black Panthers was put together to bare ar’ms and do all this peaceful stuff. Y’all came and shot them down and knocked them down, and now we don’t have a voice. And now when we try to speak as rappers, you wanna lock us up and say our music is making people ki’ll each other and this and that, and then we can’t bare ar’ms.”

Snoop concluded: “All the stuff he was speaking to is happening right now, but this was 25 years ago. If we don’t stand up and make a difference and make a chance, it won’t change. That’s why we do what we do and we movin’ like we movin’ right now.”

The “loc’k us up” comment Snoop made is likely in reference to Hip Hop lyrics being used as evi’dence in crim’inal tr’ials, which has reg’ained steam due to the RICO char’ges lev’ied aga’inst Young Th’ug and Gunna in May.

“Remember [Tupac] was a Black Panther, so he’s seeing directly how the Black Panthers organized to help out the Black community, put back into helping the kids and just structure us as far as having our own values,” Snoop notes to start the interview segment. “We made a difference. We was able to do something. We was able to have a voice. We was able to move mountains. We was able to unite people, and we was even able to unite color lines. Tupac loved all people and I love all people. We didn’t just make music for Black people. We were trying to help Black people because we seen what was done to us when we tried to help each other.”

Watch the full Snoop Dogg interview segment with MSNBC below.

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