Wendy Williams Reportedly Calling Around To Organize Boycott Of Sherri Shepherd’s Show

Wendy Williams Reportedly Calling Around To Organize Boycott Of Sherri Shepherd’s Show

Sherri Shepherd’s show, which takes Wendy Williams’ position, is purportedly the target of a boycott by Wendy Williams. Williams apparently called her pals to persuade them not to appear as guests on Sherri Shepherd’s show, according to The Jasmine Brand.

She and her Real Housewives franchise mates are said to have discussed a boycott of the programme. The website cites Okay, which claims that a source claimed that Wendy believed her famous pals were loyal to her, but they would still appear on Shepherd’s show.

These speculations follow a sh’ocking exposé by The Hollywood Reporter on the final episodes of The Wendy Williams Show, which contained n’umerous claims that Williams had relapsed into addiction as her health deteriorated.

The story talks about a Zoom chat Williams had with the Wendy Williams Show team during which she was obviously not feeling well. Lonnie Burnstein, executive vice president of programming at Debmar-Mercury, told the publication that it ran for two and a half to three minutes and was not appealing.

People appeared to be slightly alarmed. She kept saying, Oh, I can’t wait, I’ll be back with you really soon, but anyone listening could see that she was not going to return right away. Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein, co-presidents of Debmar-Mercury,

claim they had to repeatedly remind Williams that they had to cancel her show and move on with Shepherd in order to keep their 10 a.m. timeslot. Williams was also reportedly in denial about the state of her health and her show.

Every interaction with Williams, in the words of Marcus and Bernstein, was like they were discussing the subject for the first time. Williams continues to receive negative headlines due to alarming images and videos captured by paparazzi that either show her speaking slurred or appearing confused.

Additionally, she continues to fight Wells Fargo for control of her funds. Shepherd has also begun to clear Williams’ name in the media, speaking with the Daily Mail and claiming to be a positive individual who wishes her luck as she pursues better health.

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