Ex-Wendy Williams Employee Says She Was “Left to Die” By Former Financial Advisor

Ex-Wendy Williams Employee Says She Was “Left to Die” By Former Financial Advisor

According to her ex-manager, Wendy Williams was “left to die” by her former financial advisor.

LaShawn Thomas told Page Six that Williams’s son, Kevin Jr., is catching a bad rep for allegedly misusing her money. Thomas Says it was actually former Wells Fargo adviser Lori Schiller who is trying to take the heat off of herself for leaving the media personality high and dry during her most vulnerable times.

Thomas claims that Schiller instructed the bank to limit Williams access to her funds without merit. “The real issue is that Wells Fargo, through their adviser, refused to grant Wendy access to her own accounts. This includes the right to check her balance,” Thomas revealed before adding that the only people with access to Williams’ accounts were her former manager Bernie Young and Schiller.

Williams’ finances have been at the center of controversy in recent months as her health continues to decline. The 58-year-old has been forced to depend on her credit cards for survival as access to her money remains limited.

Thankfully, according to Thomas, Kevin Jr. has stepped in to help his mother, overseeing and coordinating her healthcare. Still, Kevin Jr. has been accused of taking advantage of Williams.

“He absolutely loves his mother without question,”

Thomas maintained.

Williams representative, Shawn Zanotti, did not go into details about the matter but said that the goal is for the talk show host to regain control of her accounts and finances.

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