Fat Joe Had His 1st Son At 19, But It Took Him Years To Show Photos Of Him On Social Media

Fat Joe Had His 1st Son At 19, But It Took Him Years To Show Photos Of Him On Social Media

A well-known rapper and hip-hop icon is Fat Joe. His brand has always been centered around family; he was made famous by his “brother,” Big Pun, and is also well known to have close familial ties to Remy Ma and Jennifer Lopez, two of his regular collaborators.

In his own family, Joe is a husband and a father. Over the years, he has shared more details about his family, which he claims has taken him some time to accomplish because his son has autism. In his personal life, Fat Joe has been married for more than 20 years and is the father of three kids.

Their family currently divides its time between Miami and New Jersey. He is married to Lorena Cartagena, and they have three children together: Azariah, Joey, and Ryan. The family normally stays out of the limelight, with the exception of the brief time when Lorena was thrown into the spotlight due to a cheating incident.

Mrs. Cartagena planned to join the cast of Love & Hip-Hop while the pair supposedly was about to get divorced. They would eventually resolve their differences and carry on as a family. One of the couple’s children, Joey, has autism, and they seem to be raising him with greater tenacity than ever.

Fat Joe was apprehensive about telling people about his son. Fat Joe has been quite protective of his son and has kept him largely out of the spotlight. In addition, he showed his boy love on World Autism Day.

In the image, he is pictured holding Joey, who is positioned in a wheelchair. God doesn’t make mistakes, according to Fat Joe’s caption. As I do every day for everyone, I hope you will keep us in mind when you pray.

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