Man Suffers Life-Changing Bu-rns After Running Through Fla-mes To Save Two Babies – Video

Man Suffers Life-Changing Bu-rns After Running Through Fla-mes To Save Two Babies – Video

Zikhaya Sithole was with his friend returning home from the store when he heard a woman hollering for help. Zikhaya, a 38-years-old is from Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg, South Africa. When he heard the voice, he immediately ran towards the voice and saw a woman standing outside her fiery house. The woman was sobbing that her kids were still inside.

It was at this moment when Zikhaya pulled his hat over his face and ran inside the fiery house.

The house was full of conflagration and inside were two kids, 1 and 2-years-old brothers. Zikhaya shared that when he was inside that house, he heard kids sobbing. He clutched the boy who was on the bed and ran out. However, one boy was still left inside, and when Zikhaya was about to go inside again to take him back, the bla-ze became too strong. When he returned back home, he knew was mangled.

Zikhaya was left severely charred, his eyes became sensitive and his hands were full of wounds. All these conditions cleared that he wouldn’t be able to work as a welder. However, Zikhaya never regretted entering that house. As he said, he saved a child and wished that he could have saved both of them. Zikhaya’s partner Mapaseka Monareng shared that she was left stunned when he came out home all charred and immediately called his relatives and doctors.

Zikhaya is proud of himself for what he did and has accepted the consequences he faced. The President of African Covenant, Dr. Convy Baloyi shared that they were touched when they came to know about Zikhaya’s brave act. Dr. Convy said that today we live in a world, where men are said to be useless, but Zikhaya proved everyone wrong. They also said that they don’t have much to offer but they will accompany him until he heals.

Apart from Doctors, there is a community that took measures to nominate Zikhaya for a Mendi Decoration for Bravery award. The family of the boys, whom he saved keeps visiting Zikhaya to thank him, and donations are also raised for him. Now, the community has decided to start a worldwide fundraiser to support him.


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