Son Sells Cheesesteaks To Raise Money For His Terminally Ill Mom To Go On Her Dream Trip To The Motherland – Video

Son Sells Cheesesteaks To Raise Money For His Terminally Ill Mom To Go On Her Dream Trip To The Motherland – Video

Dustin Vitale is among those sons a mother could feel blessed to have in life. Gloria Walker from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania always wished of traveling to her dream place, Giza to see the Egyptian pyramids. However, she doesn’t want to go alone but with her family. Unfortunately, Gloria was diagnosed with the last stage of bl-adder can-cer.

So, for a 56-years-old ill woman, the travel was not advisable with an estimated travel cost of $10,000.

It was this time when her son Dustin Vitale took matters into his hand to turn his mom’s dream into reality. Vitale thought about a way, and realized he has three passions – his family, teaching history, and cheesesteaks. For the cheesesteaks, he agreed to have them at least three times a week. So, what can be a better idea for raising funds than making and selling the family’s favorite sandwich with his mom’s recipe?

The whole family was engaged in this activity. Dustin said, they didn’t know how far they could go with these sales but it’s worth giving it a try. And guess what, the family ends up doing 94 in a day. The sale day began at 4 a.m. to bake homemade rolls, along with the whole family helping out. From Dustin’s wife to stepmom. Everyone was doing something, for instance, his stepfather was taking care of preparation, Hailey was helping his husband, Dustin in griddle, and his sister and brother were working too.\

Initially, Dustin began to post pictures of cheesesteaks on Instagram, which gathered lots of cheesesteaks lovers. Once, Dustin wrote, “if you are interested in supporting us to make my mom’s dream come true… you can do that by buying cheesesteaks, chicken cheesesteaks, or buffalo cheesesteaks all of them cost $15.”

Soon, the post caught the attention of Philadelphia award-winning chef Michael Solomonov. He went to his place to support Dustin and gave him a rave review for his reason and selling on his Instagram. And after that, demand for Dustin’s cheesesteaks just went so high that he felt hard keeping it up. Soon, a food truck owner came forward to help and offered to work out of his travel kitchen.

In six weeks, Walkers’ raised $18,000, which is good enough for the family to cover the trip to Egypt, Gloria’s dream place. Now, they have planned to travel to Giza. And as of now, Dustin has no plans for keeping the cheesesteaks business going on, as he clarified he could never, he loves doing it on the side. But his love and passion are teaching children at First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School. And said, he did that just to make his mom happy and fulfill her dream. And surely he did it.

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