Mom Shares Inspiring Story of How She Became a Parent Overnight With a Surprise Adoption

Mom Shares Inspiring Story of How She Became a Parent Overnight With a Surprise Adoption

Sadie and Jarvis taught the world that there is no higher foundation of bond than love. Here is their story that teaches us what it means to be parents. Sadie and Jarvis Sampson got married in 2018. Since then, they have been trying to conceive. They tried everything, from keeping track of her ovulation cycle to taking prenatal vitamins. The couple sought the advice of friends, family, and relatives. Nothing worked for them.

The couple decided to seek advice from medical experts. Sadie was told to lose weight if she wished to conceive. She underwent gastric surgery and lost 28 pounds. The hope was raised as the doctor was ready for her fertility treatment. Yet again, Sadie was incapable of getting pregnant. Just when the couple was tired of all the negative results and had accepted their fate, destiny intervened. Sadie got a text message from her friend asking if they wanted to foster a baby for someone from her network.

The biological mother was going through her treatment. Initially, the couple was a bit reluctant. They were afraid that they might get attached to the child. Soon the story, however, changed. The birth mother decided to give her child to Sadie and Jarvis as foster parents. The moment was like a dream come true for the couple. They finally prepared to become parents and put through the adoption process.

The entire weekend was an emotional one. Though excited, the couple kept themselves mentally prepared for the bad news. What if the mother changes her mind? On Monday, the couple was told that the mother still wanted them to adopt the baby. She wanted to proceed with an independent adoption and was prepared to sign that day.

The big day came, and a baby boy of 33 weeks was born. Although the baby was preterm, he was lovely. The couple instantly fell in love with him. The adoption of Ezra Lee was finalized on October 2020. The couple later became parents to Journee and Destinee, twin girls, through embryo donation. At last, a beautiful family was built based on love with three white children: a boy and two girls.

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